San Diego Swing Cats

by Nick on August 26, 2017

This weeks Suesday Themed Night. we are going to take you back to …
The Roaring 20’s

The roaring ’20s dances were wild and carefree. The Black bottom, Charleston, and The Shimmy.. . The new dance crazes were for the new women and men who valued extreme sports, frivolity and looser morals. Toast one another with Champagne cocktails. Swing to the sounds of “Yellow Cocktail Music” reminiscent of the lovely and charming garden parties, speakeasy’s, and marathon dances .portrayed in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most acclaimed novel. The Great Gatsby

This is our last themed Suesday for a while so
.Get in the door , Put your feet on the floor.
August, 29th, 7:30 til 10pm
10 bucks covers the joy.
Wicked Harem Booking & Productions

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